Kara Sundlun

Kara Sundlun is a two-time Emmy-award winning journalist who frequents charity events, trying to raise money for local causes. More


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  1. hi kara,its gary anhalt from niantic conn.i love your blog.you said nice things about you Helena,and dennis just make me cry.exexcelent story.i just wanted to tell u about me.ive,worked at the shack resturant for 19 years.the shack resturant had anniverary too.1 year with the new one,18 years on old one.ive been doing an internship at the eastlyme police station.washing,cleaning cars and maintence,not getting paid for it.now,soon im going to troop e in montville conn.doing the same things,hopefully,ill get paid for it too cuz for gas.just working at the shack resturant,ive met scott,terresa,heather,kevin-i met at eastlyme police department.dennis knows,what things ive been working on.i was wondering,can i have a tour someday of the new studio.also,i might be intern at kool 101fm in norwich conn..for broadcasting.how about that.i like the better conn,you are doing with scott.was good choice.thanks for your time..gary anhalt

  2. Hi Kara,

    I just wanted to stop by & say hi, & tell you I love watching you on better CT. You know how to keep Scot in line so to speak. I also wanted to say since you came back from have your baby that you look much happier & brighter/beaming with radiance of joy. I haven’t had a chance to read all your blogs, but I can tell you really love Dennis & Helena & they are your whole life. I want to wish you all the very best. Did a little say you were exspecting again; if so be health & good luck to you & dennis. As I told Dennis one day I think he’s a very lucky man to have a wonderful beautiful lady like yourself. take care & be happy.
    Martin Carlson; Woodstock, CT.

  3. well, you’re now internationally famous!

  4. Hi Kara! You’re now a hit in Melbourne Australia, where your encounter with a homicidal hamster has been seen by just about every single person in the city! Pictures of both you and Rodney have appeared as computer screensavers all over the company I work for, and I personally know about 15 people who can recite the entire 30 segment which appeared on YouTube – that is, if they don’t collapse into fits of laughter half way through. However, the general consensus is that you did an amazingly professional job to (pretty much) stay under control and not burst into uncontrolled hysteria, in contrast to just about everyone else who has seen this truly momentous moment in the history of television. We salute you!

  5. My mother called me last (95) week because she saw your station wagon on TV. I understand that your colleagues questioned your taste in vehicles during the broadcast. I am a car guy and own a ’93 Road Master and a ’92 Corvette. The ’94 and newer Road Master did have the same LT1 engine as the Corvette. The later Road Masters are phenomenal cars; safe and economical. I average 22 MPG. There has been alot of interest lately that supports saving/maintaining the older cars is better for our environment (net) when considering the energy to destroy the old, and create a new replacement vehicle.

    Keep your Road Master!

  6. Hi Kara! I just wanted to say Thank You again for being so fantastic on the Thursday Pretty Pushers segment. You are truly a pro at what you do, and kept things moving along perfectly. I would have rattled on endlessly otherwise!
    You and Scot are a great team and we’ve heard nothing but positive responses since the segment aired.
    Thank you!!!!
    Mary Apple
    Pretty Pushers

  7. Hello Kara, I just want to say congrtulations to both you and Dennis on expecting your second child. I am sure Helana will be excited and a big help to her little sibbling.

    Best wishes to all 3 of you.

    Sue Jones
    Bristol, Ct

  8. Kara…
    Hi, sweetie..My name is Susan Hodge. I live and work in West Hartford, Conn.
    I am a Crossing Guard for the West Hartford Police Dept, and have been for a number of years.
    I also have a Support Group for Military Moms. We are Military Moms Somewhere Over the Rainbow in Connecticut.
    I have Military Moms all over the United States. We are a small group right now, but we are growing.
    I talk with Military Moms who are going through first and all deployments of their Children and what to expect and to keep in touch if they need to talk.
    I have emailed Scot frequently, and I think he is wonderful, but I have a fondness for you as well.
    You are a very beautiful person/woman, and I wanted to tell you via this email to let you know.
    Im hoping before the summer is over to be in your Auidence. I hoping to attend with some of my friends and hopefully some of my Military Moms here in Connecticut, will be able to attend with us.
    I wish you all the best on the birth of your second child and wish you and your family all the happiness and love in the World.
    Keep up the wonderful job that you and Scot do with Better Connecticut. I never miss your show.

    Sincerely yours,
    Susan Hodge

    A Proud Military Mom Somewhere Over the Rainbow in Connecticut.

  9. Hi Kara,
    I was trying to find the name of the lady who designs dresses – saw the show – but can’t find her name. Can you supply the name of the woman and where her shop is located

  10. kara will you please do somthing with your hair pony, updu,or just cut it

  11. kara cut your hair !

  12. please,please do somthing with that hairyou’ve had that style to long go with something short with bangs.

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