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Hawaii….with the high chair crowd
April 29, 2011

I’m blessed to have some best girlfriends I have grown up with through middle school, high school and even college.  When one of them, Dayna Horton, called to say “I am engaged” I could only say you could get married on Mars and I will be there just tell me when and where. (Except during TV ratings which she worked around.)

In some ways Mars and Hawaii are the same.  Both take a million light years to get to, and each have out of this world qualities. Mars is red, Hawaii glows orange with lava and you can walk on black sand beaches that look like a perfect place for ET to land.  Since it was too far away to leave the kids behind, we decided to bring our little aliens with us and hope they did not explode on the plane.  Thank you to the airplane angels, they were awesome on both flights.  No small feat since we flew non-stop from Newark to Honolulu 10 hours and 40 minutes but who’s counting.

Once we got there the trip was out of this world good!  We saw volcanoes, walked on those black sand beaches, basked in the sun of Waikiki beach under the shadow of Diamond Head.  Pineapple and chocolate macadamia nuts were daily events.  Helena swam with a dolphin and asked him to make her a mermaid.  That didn’t happen but many other amazing things did.

Namely my bestie Dayna said “I do” to a great guy Matt.  I only hope we can renew our vows on Mars so she can bring her future  little aliens to us next time.

 Some lessons for the high chair crowd.  Do take the non-stop flight on Continental out of Newark…they eventually sleep and you shave off 4 hours of travel time.  Do stay at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu.  Elvis, JFK and Brittany Spears all did. But, more importantly Hilton caters to the high chair crowd like us.  Kids 4 and under eat free and strollers are a common sight.

Do move on to the Big Island to see Volcanoes National Park…tell your little ones Rapunzel’s hair makes it glow.

 Do stay at the Hilton Waikoloa Village where you can swim with dolphins and take boats to your room.  Kids 4 and under also eat free here. I think they lost money on my 19 month old son Julian who downed a pineapple at every meal.  Do go to your best friend’s wedding no matter where they have it, the memories will last so much longer than the jet lag.

 Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Axtell!