Sweaters, Soup and new episodes of Better Connecticut

I don’t know about you , but before this heat wave I was in full fall mode.  I was dreaming of butternut squash soup from Tapas, wooly sweaters, and the sound of leaves being crushed under the baby stroller as we walk.

Fall is also a time to settle down in front of the TV and become addicted to your favorite old and new shows.  It’s hard to believe Better Connecticut is entering it’s 4th season!  While you have been enjoying repeats (hopefully) we’ve been brainstorming new ways to keep making Better …well Better.  Some of your old favs like Kara’s Cures and Haney’s Helpful Hints are coming back but we will also have new features.  Picture Scot and me testing out as seen on TV products, or making a quick craft out of magazine that you can replicate at home.  Don’t worry, your diaphragn will still get a work out laughing at Recipe of the Week.

One of the reasons I love my job is because I am always learning.  Better Connecticut is a place where even if you have lived here your whole life, or covered every story for last decade like us, you can still be surprised by a new place to go.  I enjoy reading your story ideas so keep em coming. 

See you September 13th for the season 4 debut!  Happy end of summer until then!


3 Responses

  1. Hi Kara,

    Love butternut squash soup. Havent had it at Tapas yet. I am also a journalist/writer/blogger who is right now trying to get back into the field. I think I will check out Better CT and submit some story ideas. I’m the print/behind the scenes production kind of gal. I blog with my fiance at http://dreamingdinner.wordpress.com. (Shameless plug). Maybe, we can work together to find great stories.

  2. Wishing you the very best of the best for the new season and beyond, Kara…

  3. I personally can not wait for the new season of Better to start. I have been having withdrawals I even recorded the show everyday while I was vacationing on the Outerbanks of NC the last 2 weeks of Aug. I do miss coming in for the craft segments and watching Scot try to use the scrapbooking adhesive, so you know I will be glued during your new segment of making crafts from a magazine. Now you can teach me a few things!
    Congratulations on the 4th season!!!!
    Your friend, Kim “The Stampin Queen”

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