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Clinton Kelly as My Co-Host
June 25, 2010

    Getting dressed this morning was tough. What do you wear when the guy you are going to host a show with is the host of What Not To Wear.  First, my 3 year old daughter Helena was not feeling well, but fortunately she got sick on me BEFORE I put my outfit on.  After getting her some dry toast and a seat next to Daddy the mission of What to Wear began.  I remembered when he came on the show before he talked about his love of laundry and secrets for white whites.  Hmmm I have a white skirt and it’s clean..check.  I tried to google his favorite color …no luck so I picked a bright pink blouse since I know brights are “in.”   Last a trendy zebra print belt to pull it all together…or look like a zoo keeper in heels.  He would be the judge.  When he arrived he met me in the make up room and I immediatley asked him…Ok Clinton let’s get this over with “Am I ok?  Yes he loooved it.  Perfect!  He was a sweetheart from then on. I learned he loves roller coasters, doing laundry, vacuuming, is a good cook, grew up on Long Island and super close with his family. He lives in the Litchfiled Hills cause he loves to look at nature and thinks Connecticut is “freakin fabulous” also the title of his new book out in October.  

It was a pleasure having Clinton fill in for the vacationing Scot Haney, and I hope he’ll come back, but in the meantime I’m glad myself and the rest of the newsroom can relax on Monday when we  get dressed!

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