I am not usually a big fan of country music, unless you count Taylor Swift’s popular songs that my daughter Helena sings incessantly.

But, I had the pleasure of meeting Matt Kennon a rising star in the country music world when he came for an interview on Better .  I have to say I liked him and his country song. The 32-year-old dark-haired, jean wearing man with too many tattoos to count has a great song that is climbing the charts.  It’s called “The Call” and people say it’s saving lives.  The song talks about the call that saved a young man from committing suicide, and a young woman from having an abortion that she didn’t want.  At it’s heart it talks about how reaching out with a simple call can change the course of a person’s life.  In the days of constant communication through Facebook and texting it reminds us the human voice is still irreplaceable when it comes to showing you really care.

The song’s passion is fueled by Matt’s biography.  The Georgia native was given up for adoption to two loving parents.  But his quest to learn about his biological family connected him to a painful past.  His birth father had tried to sell him on the black market, his mother was dysfunctional and couldn’t work.  When she met him she told him she wished she had an abortion way back when because she couldn’t deal with meeting him later in life. He now calls them his “illegitimate” parents.

Even if you don’t think you like country check this

 out.  Matt tells me country is the new Rock N’ Roll!

If you missed the show you can see the video on www.mattkennon.com and see my interview with Matt on www.betterct.com

By the way ladies, he tells me he’s single!


2 Responses

  1. Country wasn’t always my choice but my 16 yrs ols son Lee got us hooked.

  2. Hi Kara,

    Love that your show with Scot is on now at 3:00 – I finish up whatever I’m doing make my cup of tea and sit and enjoy your show. Mornings were to busy – this time is perfect and I love your show.
    I had to write today…the makeover you did on the 23 year old young woman was great – but my comment was YOU LOOKED FABULOUS in this segment and YOUR HAIR NEVER LOOKED BETTER!!!
    You are very attractive but today you looked exceptionally beautiful!!
    Whether it’s the weather or whatever Scot is doing he is great and always makes us laugh….keep up the good work and the great programming.
    Danielson, CT

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