Shake Your Chakras

In this week’s Kara’s Cure we explore the energy centers in our body that have been talked about since ancient times.  It is said we all have seven chakras.  Each vibrates the a color you find in a rainbow.  The word Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit.  Holistic nurse Doreen Fishman in West Hartford helps us continue to look inside ourn bodies for answers to our questions about health and well being.

I became intrigued when she once noticed my 2nd chakra was “imbalanced” at a time when my stress levels were high.  To her it looked enlarged and murky.  I cannot see chakras, but many healers who are able to tune into our auras can.  She did some energy work on me and gave me some homework like deep breaths and some positive affirmations to get me back in balance.

I wanted to learn more!  So this week we take you through the Chakras and explain what they relate to, and practical fun things you can do to make some adjustments.  For instance the second chakra, is also called the sacral chakra, and radiates orange.  It relates to money and relationships.  When you are having issues in those areas I’ve learned you should shake that chakra…by dancing or bowling…or anything else that get’s it moving in a circular motion.  The ideas is our lives are written in the cells of our bodies, by improving our bodies we improve our lives, and maybe more importantly, by improving our lives we heal our bodies.

I hope you enjoy the story on Better at 10am Monday Feb. 8th.  If you miss it go to and watch it there.

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