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January 23, 2007

As many of you know, Dennis and I are expecting our first child. I find this to be such an exciting, albeit sometimes terrifying time! From changing emotions to changing sizes pregnancy is truly amazing. I’m 36 weeks now and fortunately baby and I are very healthy. Aside from the expected aches and fatigue I’m feeling great.

As any expectant mom knows, the two top questions are when are you due and what are you having? I’m due February 18th and we have decided to be surprised. Can you believe it two nosy reporters don’t want to know? I just think it’s one of the only great surprises left in life. Most people think I’m carrying like a boy, but lately I have been having feelings it’s a girl.

My mother is Hungarian and claims she has special intuitive powers, but even she is stumped.

Speaking of mothers, it’s amazing how different pre-natal care was for them. When my mother had me she only gained 17 pounds, smoked, drank a glass of wine every now and then and her Doctor approved. Women of her generation look at you with fear and bite their tounges when they hear today we are supposed to gain between 25 to 35 pounds at least! In addition to giving up any alcohol, I have also sworn of sushi, all of my favorite cheeses like feta and goat (apparently these can cause listeria poisoning?) and I try to be happy when I see the needle on the scale move up every week. At only 5 foot three I think I will tip over soon! I feel like I need a forklift to roll me over at night. I figure as long as Dennis still weighs more than me I’m doing OK! For those who are wondering, I guess I can tell you I’ve gained 31 pounds so far with about three and half weeks to go. My Doctor is happy, my jeans are being pushed farther back in the closet!

I’ve read every pregnancy book out there and I’m now moving on to What to Expect in the First Year. I was raised as an only child. Although, I have always had a deep love for children I haven’t changed a diaper since I babysat in high school! I know I have a lot to learn, but the Pediatrician in my child-birth class told all of us the first two weeks of life are like middle school, they don’t count. I will have some great mothers to call on for advice, from my own to Denise D’Ascenzo, Susan Raff and both of my bosses who are managing careers and young children. I will be taking maternity leave and if I can swing typing while breast-feeding I will try to keep you all updated on my adventures as a new mother.

I also want to thank all of our viewers who have sent in such amazing hand-made gifts. From crocheted blankets to knitted booties Baby House will be the best dressed kid around!

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